Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Link Salad, dressing on the side

What do you think of novels where the POV changes from one chapter to the next?

Anywho - just a couple of links for you today

-- Agent Rachelle Gardner talks about how important a platform is for an author

-- I am love with steampunk with a fiery, metalic passion and want to incorporate it as much as I can in my books ... don't know what steampunk is? Here's a great description:

-- A teen talks about what she likes to see when reading YA

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Iapetus999 said...

That platform post is insane. I can't query an agent unless I'm attracting 100's of new people A DAY???
Let's far I have 13 public blog followers, and 16 followers on twitter. Feedburner reports another 34 followers on my blog (which I'm sceptical about).
I've been gaining followers at a rate of like one a week. And I don't even count Facebook because that's just old school buddies and ex co-workers.