Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant - Cupertino

3/5 stars

DIM SUM, OH HOW I LOVE THEE: They're like presents. Steamin' hot, tasty, and not too oily (to succeed in this as a Chinese restaurant is quite the feat) presents. At Dynasty, there is quite the selection and the price isn't too bad ($20-$30 for two, this time about $100 for five, depends on how much you order).

IF YOU'VE NEVER HAD DIM SUM: You're missing out! I love me some french toast, omlettes, and biscuits n' gravy, but dim sum really is a treat of a breakfast. Intricately made out of shrimp or pork (ooo, BBQ pork!), wrapped with sheets of pastry or delicate won tons, decorated with asian mushrooms or sticky rice. YUM! I wish I could tell you which ones to order, but I don't know what they're called! The only names I know are the basics - hah-khou and shu-mi. Lol.

ATMOSPHERE: Busy (try to go before noon or after 1PM, either way, you'll probably still need to wait some)! Mostly clean. Service is so-so, sometimes there, sometimes vacant. The ladies who push around the dim sum carts are often nicer and more helpful than the waiters/waitresses/hosts. From my experience with great dim sum - the more delicious the dim sum, the suckier the service.


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