Sunday, January 11, 2015

Charlie Moss’ Restaurant - Moss Landing (closed)

4/5 stars

ATMOSPHERE: If you want Phil's Fish Market quality seafood, but a more "up-scale" look, dine at Charlie's. The hostess, owner(s), bar tender, waiters, bus boys are helpful, friendly, and just wonderful people.

FOOD: as the story goes, "Phil's ciopinno recipe belongs to his grandmother and when he first offered it on the menu, one customer took one taste and then handed Phil $100 for the whole pot..." 

GET THE CIOPPINO (with linguine)!!!!!!!!!!!! It comes with a mound of garlic bread and a salad (I recommend the creamy Italian House dressing, it's my favorite). I also heart the BBQed oysters (garlic is piled on and the smokey taste is fantastic) and the fire-roasted artichoke (this is the only artichoke I'd eat).

IN A MOUTHFUL: Moss Landing is a tiny, sleepy fishing town that not a lot of people know about. But people should know about it because it's quaint, pretty, and has the best damn seafood I've ever had.


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