Thursday, January 22, 2015

Citizen Cake - San Francisco (closed)

2/5 stars

Found the infamous Citizen Cake by chance. Stumbled upon it while we were looking for a quick bite before the glorious symphony.

ATMOSPHERE: I could use a lot of words to describe this place. Chic. Snobby. Cold-shoulder'd. Over-hyped. Expensive.

FOOD: Gotta admit, was not too excited about this place. I was really excited about Citizen Cupcake when I heard there was such a thing. Turns out, it was the worst cupcake I ever had. Dense. Dry. Too sweet. Yucky. So I was wary, but we were just there for a snack. I wandered over to the glossy glass case and saw the cookie called: "The" Chocolate Chip Cookie. Of course I had to buy it. Not only did I want to see what all the fuss was about, I wanted to see what a dollar fifty cookie tasted like. Yes, it was a $1.50 and no, it wasn't big. It was the size of a packaged Chips Ahoy cookie. The bf got a cappuccino and a sticky toffee pudding cupcake.

So the cookie was okay. I mean, yes, it was better than a Chips Ahoy cookie, but not the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had (in case you're wondering, the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had were at Google). It wasn't hard or dry, but it wasn't chewy enough. There was also too much salt in it. The sticky toffee pudding cupcake was, yes, a pretty freakin' great idea. And thank goodness, it was yummy. Bf said the cappuccino was above average too. Whew. You did better than Cupcake, Cake. Now could please go and improve your lil' sister store?

So... sticky toffee pudding cupcake a high 3... cookie was a 2... prices way over... I'd say averages out to 2.5... rounding down to 2.


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