Sunday, January 11, 2015

Don Pico’s Mexican Bistro & Cevicheria - San Bruno

5/5 stars

HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE A PLACE: after sharing 4 pitchers of margaritas with 4 really awesome people?

BUT REALLY: the enchiladas and pico de gallo are delicious here. seriously, the best pico anywhere and I eat a lot of Mexican food. it's really fresh with huge chunks of all the usual pico suspects (tomatoes, onions, cilantro, etc.) and it's extremely flavorful. and the enchiladas... you know how sometimes, even when smothered in red sauce, the tortilla that makes an enchilada an enchilada can come out dry? At Don Pico's, they were perfect - ooey, gooey, cheesy, saucy, tasty. I am also not a fan of mexican rice, let me tell you, but Don Pico's is soo yummy! They must cook it in chicken broth or something, it's so good!

AND THE SERVICE: was excellent! we probably overstayed our visit, but even though they were packed and busy, nobody rushed us away. the restaurant is family owned and there's even the most charming little boy clearing tables and putting straws in sodas. we went on a wednesday night and there was a white-haired woman cheerfully singing marc anthony's "I Need to Know"- what's more hilarious than that?

**UPDATE** Okay, they must cook their food with crack or something because I'm soo addicted. I JUST have to eat here ONCE a week. I seriously dream about Don Pico's cheese enchiladas with green sauce. Ordered their nachos for the first time with the carne asada and yes, they make EVERYTHING amazing here.


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