Thursday, January 22, 2015

Falafel’s Drive In - San Jose

5/5 stars

WHOA! Best falafels I've ever had! They weren't fried black n' dry, but were moist inside and extremely well-spiced and flavorful! Each bite was a happy dance in the mouth. Pita was served up with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a falafel pita must - tahini sauce (no hot sauce on mine). Word of advice: get plenty of napkins because the pitas like to break.

I also listened to many a wise Yelpers and ordered the banana milkshake. Now, I love banana milkshakes and have had many in my days, but this was probably one of the best ever! Why I wonder! How did they make it soo deliciously different? It's just bananas, vanilla ice cream, and milk... isn't it?!?!

ATMOSPHERE: Hole in the wall alert! Seating is mostly outdoor (it looked super cramped inside) and service is fast, fast, fast! I don't know why folks are complainin' about the parking. We went on a Saturday afternoon and there was plenty of parking in the spacious lot next to the drive in. And $7, I say, is a pretty darn good price to pay for an amazing falafel pita AND crack-filled banana milkshake. Two sad faces about this place - only opened till 8PM and they don't take credit cards!


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