Sunday, January 11, 2015

Flames Coffee Shop - San Jose

3/5 stars

THE REASON WHY I GO HERE: My favorite breakfast places in the Bay Area are Bobbi's and Stack's, but they both close at 2:30PM and SOMETIMES I'm a lazy bum on Sundays and don't make it out of the house in time. When I do finally get dressed and when all we want is breakfast, Flames it is. It serves breakfast all day and is a step-up from Denny's. This is also a great place to go when one of your friends wants breakfast, the other wants italian, and another wants a hamburger.

THE FOOD: Their chefs know how to make omlettes, cakes the size of some televisions, pancakes, steaks, burgers, meatloaf, salads, sandwiches, stir-fry, italian food, veal, and stroganoff (this one seems weird to me for some reason). Okay, now I'm not saying every single thing on the menu is edible, but still, that's pretty impressive. I think their omlettes are good (lots of cheese) and if you order it with avocado, it's all sorts of green eggs (sans ham). Their hash browns aren't too greasy and breakfast also comes with sourdough toast slathered with butter. Their turkey and bacon club and burgers are decent, too.

THE ATMOSPHERE: Decor is tacky, but this location has outdoor seating which is nice. Waitstaff is efficient and prices are reasonable.


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