Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fusion Korea - Cupertino (closed)

3/5 stars

HAPPY MAMA: and when mama's happy, everyone's happy! My family decided to go to sushi one Sunday evening and my sister (who bowls at Homestead Lanes often) recommended this place. Result was one happy family!

CHEAP: Seriously, 20% off sushi? Wah?! Cool. My mom ordered a combination of nigiri and my dad, sister, and I shared a Golden California roll (which is basically a California roll fried into yummy delicious-ness) and bulgogi with rice. Even with a large sake, dinner was ONLY $30!!!! Hello?! This was sushi! And it was GOOD! The fish was fresh and we had more than enough to eat. Not only did we get a pile of bulgogi (hot sauce on the side), but we got six cute, yummy small dishes to eat as an appetizer and yes - they were all free!! I loved loved loved the cold noodles, I could've just ordered that as my main course. There was also cold broccoli (with some sort of peanut(?) sauce on top), cole slaw, steamed peanuts or beans of some sort, spicy kim chi, and tofu. Ice water comes in this cute, colorful jug.

ATMOSPHERE: Restaurant's small and not pretty, but staff is super friendly and fast. My sister has made friends with some of the women who work there so she gets extra cold noodles. Score! The cold noodles are sooo good!


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