Thursday, January 22, 2015

Los Dos Compadres #2 - San Jose

2.5/5 stars



Alas, it's true. I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY have a place to go that's right by home when I'm craving a real Mexican burrito and A) don't feel like making the drive to Mountain View and B) don't want American, microwaved Mexican a la Taco Bell.

ATMOSPHERE: No wonder I never knew this place existed despite living in 'tino for more than 15 years! Los Dos Compadres is hidden behind the Bank of America in an Asian complex. The inside was run-down, but clean and the people were super friendly. Prices were decent - $5.75 for a Super Burrito which included meat, beans, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. It was around 3:30 when I stopped by, so the place was sorta quiet, but I was very happy to find that the 3 tables that were filled were occupied by Mexican people. Good sign!

BURRITO: Nothing exciting, but it was satisfyingly real. Flour tortilla wasn't dry - great! I was able to get refried beans instead of pintos, everything was spiced really well, there was a perfect amt of sour cream and guac in my burrito, and when I asked for a side of limes, I got what looked like the equivalent of 1 whole lime - super great! Unfortunately, my pollo asado was WAY TOO DRY. The quality of the meat wasn't high either and I didn't get a side of chips with my burrito to-go, but oh well. The next time, I ordered the pollo salsa en rojo and it was so much better than the asado. Juicy, tender chicken... mmm! I found a taqueria near Cupertino! Yay!


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