Sunday, January 11, 2015

Maru Ichi - Mountain View

3/5 stars

MAYBE IT WAS THE WEATHER: But eating here made me all warm and happy inside. Nothing beats a delicious, hot, inexpensive bowl of ramen on a gray day.

ATMOSPHERE: It's small and always crowded. The wait's not bad though because the service is quick and efficient. While waiting, you get to watch your yellow noodles (and everyone else's noodles) being made fresh through a glass window by the entrance. Al dente, fresh noodles equals ftw. Important note: CASH ONLY!

FOOD: The fresh noodles are, no doubt, the main star in the bowl. My favorite ramen is the Tonkatsu which is a broth made out of pork and chicken. Think old fashioned, American chicken soup, but ten times better. I've also had the Koru, but it was heavy on the sesame oil and the garlic taste was more on the bitter side (what happens when you burn garlic). Also, beware, the Koru comes out black and quite oily! All bowls comes with two slices of yummy pork, a pile of asian funghi, green onions, and an egg that's been stewing in delicious broth for hours... and seaweed (though if it's my bowl, me no want). Their combo is a good deal IMO. For $9, you get your choice of Ramen, 3 California rolls, and 3 fried dumplings. I don't eat the California rolls, but they look well-made and my friends like them. On the other hand, I adore the fried dumplings and will not share these. :)

IN A MOUTHFUL: Maruichi does what they're doing quite well. I'd like to go here once a month to eat the fresh noodles and feel warm and fuzzy inside.


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