Thursday, January 22, 2015

Old Port Lobster Shack - Redwood City

I'm 26 years young! What better way to celebrate than dinner with 20 of my closest friends and lobster - the best crustacean ever?


  • Doesn't take reservations, so I emailed Russell (the owner) and he responded right away! He was so friendly and wonderful... Russell, if you're reading this, THANK YOU!
  • Sort of in the middle of nowhere... the "shack" is part of a strip mall next to a Supercuts
  • Was able to reserve their entire "boat section"... we were sorta up on a platform, felt like we had the whole restaurant to ourselves!
  • Service was suuuper friendly, accomodating, and attentive! Shay and everyone else who helped us that night, if you're reading this, THANK YOU! They poured wine for us and even gave me a wine glass to bring home as a bday present. Only con was that they charge 25% gratuity for big parties! I mean, seriously? 25%?!?! It's unheard of!
  • Informal... and we could be as loud as we wanted. Decoration was cheesy charming with its boat/oceanic theme. There were long, picnic-type tables, toy lobsters, and fashionable, plastic bibs that were totally meant for fun pictures.
  • Everything (including appetizers) was in the $20 range... but c'mon... it's lobster...


  • Lobster cakes were teeny tiny, but delish. Mussels in white wine and calamari couldn't compare to Phil's in Moss Landing. To summarize, don't order appetizers. Stick with all main courses that include the word "lobster" in it and you'll be golden.
  • I shared the naked lobster roll and the lobster mac n' cheese with the bf. Both were heavenly! I highly, highly recommend ordering the lobster roll because not only is it a New England treat, it's the restaurant's speciality. I like the naked roll because I'm not a big fan of mayo. With the naked, you get a side of mayo and can add however much you want. I just like to drizzle butter over my lobster meat. The roll was fresh-baked, buttery, golden - perfectly made! The lobster tasted FRESH and they were generous with it. The chunks were huge and satisfying. Mmm... drooling as I type, how attractive. We ordered the mac n' cheese because, well... how could you not? They were generous with the lobster chunks there too. Sauce was creamy and non-artifical... this is homemade stuff!
  • I was surprised with a huge cube of blueberry bread pudding and it was very good! There was a candle and an eruption of "Happy Birthday" and it was beyond lovely. Especially since my friend and her date are professional opera singers... wow!

IN A MOUTHFUL: Will definitely return when I'm missing my second home – New England. I really wanted to give Old Port Lobster Shack 5 stars BUT really, 25% gratuity? All my friends were baffled and so was I. That aside, thank you Old Port Lobster Shack for a greeeat birthday! 

Russell (the owner) read my complaints on the 25% gratuity and he emailed me 2/8/2008. He said: "When we do full service for a table, depending on the time involved and how the bill is presented we might add 10-15% tops, never 25%. This is unheard of even in 5 star restaurants. Please except my apologies and I am going to mail you half that amount back, and some gift cards for your next lobster craving." NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL SERVICE! If this isn't 5 star service, I don't know what is. Thank you, Russell.

It's been almost a month, but I still haven't received the money or gift cards that Russell (the owner) promised me... I hope he doesn't go back on his word!!

I know a few of you have been wondering what happened... well, I'm pleased to say that it was a happy ending. Finally got the check and the gift cards. Thanks to everyone and to the OPLS.


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