Thursday, January 22, 2015

Straits Restaurant - Santana Row - San Jose

2.5/5 stars

After window shopping at Santana Row and a lovely pedicure at Lavande Spa, my girl friend and I were ready for dinner and cocktails to finish up girl time. Straits was a great ending.

Yes, overpriced.
Yes, overhyped.
Yes, trendy in a cookie-cutter way.

BUT, they do three things (and only three things) well, IMO, and they are:

1. Cocktails
2. Roti
3. Garlic noodles

I love the extensive variety and tasty-ness of their cocktails. My strawberry cheesecake martini tasted just as described. It even had a yummy, sugary, graham cracker crust on the rim. I love the crisp, flaky, doughy, paper thin roti with its sweet n' savory curry for dippin'. And I must admit, have had dreams about their chewy, powerfully garlicky-in-a-good-way, shitake-mushroom-fantastic garlic noodles with chicken and sweet smellin' basil.

We also ordered their beef wrapped in grape leaves lettuce wraps today and they were surprisingly made well. The dish came with butter lettuce, cilantro, mint leaves, basil leaves, pickled carrots and jicama, and a sweet, chili dipping sauce. The beef was juicy and it was overall, a well flavored dish. The crab cakes, on the other hand, sucked. The crab was minced or something and the curry (I think) flavor didn't taste right. It just didn't work. They were also too dry. Don't order this. Save your money.

Atmosphere is a bit too loud, service is sorta superficial, but professional, and prices are way way way high, but for the above three things, I don't mind coming back every now and again.


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