Thursday, January 22, 2015

Supperclub - San Francisco

1.5ish/5 stars

1 1/2 stars for food
3 stars for atmosphere
3 stars for drinks

ATMOSPHERE: Went here for a team building offsite, even though it was more like team lounging/you can really only talk to the people you're sitting next to sort of shindig. Team bonding wise, it was the least interactive one I've been to. The Supperclub is probably better for small groups or couples. It was definitely a unique experience though, but I'm glad I didn't spend the usually $70 or $80 (it was only $30 + drinks because it was Dine About Town). Part Cirque du Soleil, part AsiaSF, and part that "Sex and the City" episode where the girls all go to that new club with all the beds in it. The eating ice cream out of doggie bowls was a nice touch.

FOOD: meeeh. I have heard mixed reviews. I have mixed reviews myself. I wonder if the quality/quantity was affected because it was at a Dine About Town price. I had the salad with wontons, blue cheese crumbles, carrots, beets, and unidentifiable grapes or grape tomatoes - it was either or. Salad dressing was way too syrupy sweet. The sliced steak/prime rib was delish with its nice balsamic-like sauce, but I do not get the caramlized ginger on top of my scoop of ice cream. 

Cocktails were the best part of the meal. The Supperclub Martini with its white chocolate Godiva liquor and Kahlua was my kind of dessert drink. The Mango Remix was basically a mango mojito and the Blush was champagne + strawberries + flavored vodka something or the other bliss. Yum-o. 

IN A MOUTHFUL: I'm glad I tried it once, but I won't be coming back.


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