Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Spinnaker - Sausalito

2/5 stars

ATMOSPHERE: All glass windows means dining with a pretty blue view. Dining area was white table cloths and muted... we, on the other hand, were not. Went here with my team (of around 20) and we were jolly, loud(er), and had money to expense. Thankfully, the waiters were friendly and accommodating. Great job on servicing a big party, Spinnaker!


  • wine and fruity girly drinks: yay!
  • crab dumplings: enthusiastic yay!
  • crab cakes: nay, not as good as the dumplings sourdough on the table: yay!
  • the other bread in the basket was a nay, don't even know what it was...
  • mashed potatoes: must've been made with crack, yay! but made with too much salt, nay!
  • my pacific mahi saute with crab legs & brie: such a unique combination, never had it before, so that was cool. anything w brie makes me order it. yay!
  • fresh fish: sorta yay! I mean, after travelling to Alaska, I KNOW what fresh fish is supposed to taste like and no where has even come close to Alaska caught wild fish...
  • vegetables steamed till they're limp and gray: nay, several notches down for this... c'mon, you're supposed to be a fancy restaurant!
  • pastas: I didn't order/try any, but they looked yay! to me...
  • creme brule: kinda yay, but not really... I mean, it was good, but nothing special
  • triple chocolate mousse cake: the white chocolate part and oreo cookie crust was very yay!

IN A MOUTHFUL: I wouldn't spend the money to come here again, however, the service, the crab dumplings, the wine/drinks, the view and my dining companions made it OK.


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