Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tres Potrillos - Sunnyvale

2/5 stars

HERE'S THE STORY: I have my favorite restaurants, I go to them often, and I'm a happy camper. Because of such, I'll only review restaurants once. Because if I kept updating, my favorites (like Uncle Frank's) would probably be 30 reviews long... and counting (if you haven't noticed, I adore Frank's). Now, if a restaurant gets 2 stars or less in my book, what's the point in going back? There are way too many good things out there to eat and not enough stomach room. Tres Potrillos Taqueria may be the lone exception...

PROS: My first experience there was probably not what it was supposed to be. The bf and his co-workers absolutely rave about this place. Maybe I should have gotten the much talked about carnitas bowl? Instead I got the green enchiladas w. carnitas. The carnitas were fantastic, no doubt. Tasty, full of flavor, fat, and juice. There was plenty of meat shoved into my three (not two!) enchiladas and I enjoyed every bit. My plate was huge, filled to the brim with real guacamole (meaning there were tomatoes and onions and stuff in it and it wasn't just avocado puree), sour cream (an enchilada must), lettuce, pico de gallo, rice, and refried beans. My favorite part of the meal were the chips and salsa bar at the front. Tres Portillos has this awesome verde salsa - we don't know what it is exactly, just that we could eat cups of it. It's probably made w. green tomatoes, lime, maybe avocado? Or perhaps there's sour cream mixed in. Well, whatever it is, you gotta try it. I've never had anything like it. 

CONS: My enchiladas were dry. I hate that. It's a Mexican food pet peeve of mine. There was hardly any green sauce on my poor enchiladas. Also, everything was way, way too salty. Rice, refried beans... aw shucks.

BUT ALAS: I am determined to try this place again. Too many people like it. Correction - too many people like the carnitas bowl. Next time, I'm ordering that. I shall update then...


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