Thursday, January 15, 2015

Vaso Azzurro Ristorante - Mountain View

3.5/5 stars

THE SERVICE: was outstanding! What's another word for impeccable? I believe we were seated personally by the owner himself. He even pulled out my chair for me. Everybody was really warm and down-to-earth and welcoming. We had like, 4 different people making sure everything was perfect. Water glasses were replenished even before they were empty and when a man at the next table dropped his knife, the waiter had a new one already waiting for him on the table even before the other knife was picked up. I also felt like our waiter tried his very best to accomodate my request for a "pink" sauce and he was so nice about it! He didn't roll his eyes or give me a hard time. The chef himself walked around greeting regulars and chatting up new patrons. You just have to come here for the service itself!

THE FOOD: The focaccia was served with this flavoral mixture of olive oil, vinegar, chopped garlic, sundried tomatoes, and herbs. Even though the focaccia wasn't served warm (like I like it), the bread itself wasn't dry. I ordered the insalata cesare which was dressed perhaps a little too heavily, but had just the right amount of parmigano. For dinner, I ordered the penne con salsiccia and it was JUST what I wanted. My sauce was a creamy, "pink" sauce with delightful ground sausage, and topped with mild feta cheese.

THE CONS: I'd stay away from the seafood... it wasn't fresh in the risotto.

IN A MOUTHFUL: maybe it's not my favorite Ristorante Parma... but it's close! Is this Italian restaurant in the South Bay one I can finally call my own?!


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