Thursday, January 22, 2015

Warren’s Lobster House - Kittery

3/5 stars

THE POINT: wasn't the place or the food (this time), but the people I was having dinner with: my grandparents whom I don't get to see very often

THE COOL PART: sitting at a table by the window with a view of the water and the place where my grandfather's submarine was docked for maintenance

THE OKAY PART: Warren's boasts the "best salad bar" and it was pretty impressive with lots of choices

FOOD: king crab legs, which were better in Alaska... doh! should've ordered the lobster... note to self: ALWAYS ORDER THE LOBSTER if given the opportunity!!

ATMOSPHERE: seaworthy, not bad... not fancy, liked the display of old menus at the front... lobster dinner for $2.50?!?! Those must've been the good ol' days...

IN A MOUTHFUL: mediocre food, prices, atmosphere... but having dinner with my grandparents? priceless!!


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