Thursday, January 15, 2015

Zibibbo - Palo Alto (closed)

1/5 stars

They have a decent Happy Hour, but I think they stole my jacket.

I left my jacket there accidentally and when we called back to retrieve it, they claim to not have it. Pretty awful.

NOT WORTHWHILE: My visit to this restaurant was not planned. I'm always up for trying new restaurants, but unfortunately, it wasn't a pleasant surprise. I am perfectly happy spending a lot of money on food if that food is inspiring. Zibibbo will not be receiving my money ever again.

We ordered a range of (way overpriced) dishes - from yukin gold potato gnocchi to wild mushroom pizza with fresh thyme and black truffle oil. We also shared the oven roasted Moroccan spiced prawns, Valencia style paella, sauteed spinach side, and the air dried roast duck with olives and kumquats (fun word alert!). All dishes were almost too salty and unexciting, the only decent (and I use that term loosely) items were the pizza and gnocchi. Also, these were supposed to be family-style dishes, but the portions were extremely small.

DESSERTS: was what saved this restaurant from being a 0 star in my book. The rhubarb crepes were heavenly. Just, perfectly made - texture, flavor, melt-in-your-mouthness. The coppa was also delicate and delicious with the fresh strawberries sauce. The dessert wine that was paired with the coppa was also the best I've ever had. A bottle shall be purchased soon.

ATMOSPHERE: very business-like, almost too dark and sterile. Wait staff was surprisngly cheerful and not pretentious like the surroundings.


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