Thursday, August 13, 2015

500 Club - San Francisco

2.5/5 stars

2 stars for the bar - it smelled and looked like a college bar... sweat and stale beer lingered in the air, the music was too loud and IMO, not very good. it was small and crowded, but we managed to camp out in the corner with a high school desk and some bar stools, so that was nice. but the floor, wall, everything was sticky and one of my friends accidentally leaned on a table littered with broken glass and ended up with a bloody hand. he had to suck the glass pieces out with his mouth... yow.

3.5 stars for the crowd - nobody was inconsiderate or pushy or grope-y, everybody was chill and just there to hang out with their friends.

3 stars for the drinks and bartenders - drinks weren't more expensive than elsewheres and my vodka and Sprite was definitely a lot more vodka than Sprite. bartenders were nice enough.

500 club did its job for the night! lots and lots of rounds were bought for my funnyman pal, Silvio!


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