Thursday, August 13, 2015

Celestin’s - Sacramento (closed)

1/5 stars

On our way back to Grass Valley Part 2. We were hungry, we were uncertain on the looks of the place, but we were also intrigued because we don't get a chance to eat Cajun food real often.

The fact that it was Happy Hour, something else we don't ever make it to, was a yay! but their sangria was a disappointment. Sangria is supposed to come with fruit, people! It makes the whole wine-in-glass presentation more appealing and getting to eat the red wine soaked orange is the reason for ordering sangria!

FOOD: Empanadas that were like... $3 or $4 were a hot, pastry treat. Gumbo was a mite too spicy, but it really warmed the insides. Loaded with yummy sausages, it came in a massive, comforting bowl, but the rice was undercooked. Had to tame the heat with a refreshing tomato and avocado salad with House Italian dressing. Expensive for a tiny, itty bitty salad, but delicious. I'm gonna make that at home someday.


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