Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dim Sum King - Sunnyvale

5/5 stars

A genius idea! I wish I would've come up with it. Dim sum to-go, anytime I want it. Not just for Sunday mornings anymore! I haven't been to a dim sum restaurant ever since I discovered this place.

The dim sum pieces are huge, very fresh-tasting, and the prices are super reasonable. They have all the usual suspects: shu mai, har kow, sticky rice with Chinese sausage, shrimp and chive dumplings, and BBQ pork buns.

The women who work there are very nice. I ordered a ton of dim sum for my bridal shower and every single piece was devoured. When I got too eager and ordered way too much, they even suggested I pare it down a bit instead of being concerned about making more money. Didn't take advantage of a girl whose eyes are sometimes bigger than her stomach!


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