Monday, December 28, 2015

El Mansour - San Francisco

5/5 stars

One of the reasons why I love San Francisco is because it's so ethnically diverse. My cousin was visiting from Florida and she wanted some Moroccan food a la "Along Came Polly" (which was a really bad movie, btw). Thanks to Yelp, it was easy to find a restaurant that met her expectations. El Mansour came complete with a belly dancer and did not disappoint.

ATMOSPHERE: You feel like ... you're eating in the desert (with camels roaming outside) in a very large tent with draperies and pillows of deep reds and gold. It's exotic and fun! The kind of setting that's perfect for a group that's not just looking for a fantastic dinner, but entertainment as well. The belly dancer was talented and charming and ... ohmygosh ... the rose water was definitely my favorite part of the evening. I want to bathe in it every night, it smells sooo good!

FOOD: Everything was delicious. I loved every bit of my 4-course meal. The lentil soup was heartwarming. The appetizers included the Salade Mohammed V and the Bastela du Chef. The eggplant was my favorite - so good soaked up with the bread. The Bastela tasted like a churro to me - a churro with meat. For my entree, I ordered the chicken with honey and prunes and really wish that I could get that dish somewhere in the South Bay.

Reasonably priced, we were stuffed! I can't wait to come back!


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