Monday, December 28, 2015

Jacuzzi Family Vineyards - Sonoma

3/5 stars

ATMOSPHERE: I think my jaw dropped a couple of times and maybe - just maybe - my heart melted a little. It was a faux-Italian villa but it was the most gorgeous faux-Italian villa I have ever seen.

WINE: Unfortunately not impressed. The tasting was complimentary and there were about 20 reds and whites that you could choose from. I don't know if it's because I don't like Italian wines or because I don't like Jacuzzi's wines, but the wines were all fairly bland to me. Some of them were "watery" and none of them really "popped."

POURER: Friendly, but perhaps a tad stand-off-ish. I think he could tell that we were not impressed.

GOODIES: So, love the atmosphere, dislike the wine. Will I come back? Yes! Why? Because they also have a room where you can taste (again, complimentary) olive oil and balsamic vinegar! This totally made the trip to Jacuzzi worth it for me. Nom! I love me some flavored olive oil and sherry vinegar!


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