Monday, December 28, 2015

Pizzeria Delfina - San Francisco

5/5 stars

Took about 30 minutes to park. And waited for about an hour on a Monday. But when the beau and I took our first bite, we turned to each other, grinned like fools, and said, "The wait was worth it."

Delfina has been on my wish list for awhile, but I finally pushed myself to go after reading about the restaurant in a Sunset magazine where it (and 6 others) were featured under an article called, "The Best Bay Area Pizza."

The women who work there are SO incredibly nice. And efficient. I watched as they served pie after pie, swooped in to greet and bid farewell guest after guest. When we were finally seated at the tiny bar, the waitress took one look at me and smiled. "You're so excited to be here," she said. She was right.

We ordered both of the specials: the Purgatorio and the Gricia. The Purgatorio reminded me of the pizza I ate in Paris. It was made with a very mild, spicy tomato sauce, two farm-fresh eggs, and I added pepperoni. If you've never had eggs on pizza, you have GOT to try it. Egg yolk does something magical to pizza crust, I'm telling you. The Gricia was also incredible. It had spring onions, guanciale (read: pig jowl), panna, and black pepper. It was creamy, salty, delicious. All that paired with a bubbly red wine (Gragnano Frizzante) and ... what can I say. This is what I like to do.


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