Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Preston Wynne Spa - Saratoga

2/5 stars


Got a call + email from the manager. She apologized profusely, said she was on vacation when all this happened, and offered me some gift certificates to try their services again. I'm impressed that she reached out and tried to fix the problem. I will report back after!


Extremely disappointing.

I took my mom and sister here for a girls' day. We rarely get a chance to spend the entire day together, so I'm sad that we had such an awful experience.

It was not worth the $375 price tag.

- the aestheticians were almost AN HOUR late to our appointment. It was a very stressful way to start what was supposed to be a relaxing day. Worst of all, we didn't get very much of an apology. While we sat, waiting, the front desk only came in to check on us once - to tell us that they were running late. Once in a WHOLE HOUR! We had no idea what was going on. I had to go downstairs myself to talk to the front desk. No sincere apology when they finally arrived either. We should've just left then and there.

- a 1 hour facial usually includes at least ten minutes of massage. I got 10, my sister got 5, and my poor mom, who was really looking forward to her facial massage, she only got TWO. Two minutes!! The aesthetician was so lazy! She didn't listen to her needs at all.

- every five minutes, they tried to sell us a product.

- we spent time filling out these forms about our skin and our facial likes / dislikes, but the aestheticians didn't go over the forms with us. What was the point of the forms then?

- I was promised a scalp massage that I never got.

- they hardly did any extractions for me and they didn't do ANY extractions for my mom. The only person who got a thorough extraction service was my sister. The service and aestheticians are definitely inconsistent.

I do not recommend Preston Wynne at all.


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