Monday, December 28, 2015

Ristorante Parma - San Francisco

5/5 stars


There are so many restaurants in San Francisco, I always feel an itsy bitsy guilty when I go back to the same one instead of trying something new. BUT but but ... I can't stay away from Parma! Heck, I came here for dinner on Friday and, not only did I want to get a to-go order for a midnight snack, but I wanted to come back for dinner on Saturday (I didn't do any of the above, but I wanted to ...)

I ordered my favorite pasta dish of all-time - the Romanoff. If you like vodka sauce, you gotta try it. Of course, before eating my main course, I filled up on their incredible bread+garlic+balsamic+olive oil concoction and their paper-thin prosciutto wrapped canteloupe. I also fell in love with a new dish - their Spaghtti Carbonara is the BEST CARBONARA I've ever had!! Most carbonaras are too creamy and heavy, but this one was so light and tasty!

When I return to Parma next Saturday, I'm going to have a lot of trouble deciding between the Romanoff and the Carbonara. Oh well, maybe I'll just order both. Life's short ... right?



This is the restaurant where I'd have my last meal on Earth.

I'd eat here every weekend if I could.

Whoever put vodka + sausage together is a genius.

Garlic swimming in olive oil + balsamic vinegar will be the end of me.

THE ATMOSPHERE: It's a long, narrow, family-run restaurant that intimately sits 40 or so. It always reminds me of an Italian cafe tucked away on some cobble-stoned alleyway and when you're a lost tourist wandering around Rome and stumble upon such a place, you feel like you've come across a local gem. We got to the restaurant around 6:30PM on a Friday night and luckily beat the dinner crowd. Half an hour later, almost every table was occupied. The owner of the restaurant - a serious-looking, but pleasant, short, Italian man in his 60s - hugged regulars warmly, while his daughters recited house specials and lit tea candles. It's such a cozy place.

THE FOOD: The Penne Romanoff is my favorite Italian pasta dish. Ever. Al dente penne, creamy tomato sauce with a touch of vodka, ground sausage, and thinly-sliced mushrooms - it's super delicious. I would've licked the plate clean if that wasn't taboo. The caesar salad is made with a perfect, housemade dressing, and the bread is rustic and heavenly when soaked in the chopped garlic, light olive oil, and sweet balsamic vinegar. We ate almost two loaves.


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