Monday, December 28, 2015

Sprinkles Cupcakes - Palo Alto

3.5/5 stars

I heart cupcakes. And yes, I hearted them a'way, way before the fad, thank you very much.

I was "little girl on Xmas eve" excited when I saw that LA's best cupcakery was coming to the Stanford mall. It took me THREE, read 'em, THREE tries before I finally made it to the front of the two-stores wide line. Don't even try going on a weekday evening because no, the line is not shorter. 

The boy-who-is-wonderful-because-he-stood-in-line-with-me and I waited patiently for about 30 minutes and then, once inside, we decided to celebrate by purchasing FIVE cupcakes!

Red velvet was moist, creamy, red goodness. The chocolate marshmallow cupcake was not what I expected... I think mine was missing the marshmallow. More marshmallow please! The strawberry was unique and sweet like a Spring day. Now... I can't remember if we bought the vanilla or the vanilla milk chocolate... the coconut was the fifth.

Overall, great, moist cake... LOTS of frosting (the cake:frosting ratio is really good at Sprinkles), but maybe a couple of 'em were a tad too sweet. I am leaning more towards Kara's... especially if the line isn't as long!

2 stars for the wait (I don't understand why it doesn't move faster). 3.5 stars for the cupcakes. 4 stars for the flavor choices.


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