Monday, December 28, 2015

Tony Luke's - Philadelphia

5/5 stars

We said "Hello" to Philly with a cheesesteak, it was only fitting that we said good-bye with a cheesesteak as well. I picked Tony Luke's because he beat Bobby Flay's sandwich on Throwdown!

CHEESESTEAK: At least 4 inches longer and 20x tastier than my sandwich at Pat's. This was a hot, amazing work of sandwich art. I got it with whiz and brocolli rabe and piled on the dill pickles. It was so juicy, I was dripping all over the place. The whole package - quality/cut of meat, the bread, the cheese, the unique flavor of the rabe - was perfect. The bf ordered it hoagie style (lettuce, tomato, mayo) and the sharp cheddar was really good. Pat's may be the original, but Tony Luke's makes it so much better.

ATMOSPHERE: There was a long line - mostly baseball fans - but very limited outdoor seating. Service was nice and the "take-as-many-pickles-peppers-as-you'd-like" was convenient. Menu is super impressive: you can get chicken, pork and veal sandwiches, and breakfast, too!


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