Monday, December 28, 2015

Xanh Restaurant - Mountain View

1/5 stars

When the only decent thing is the dipping sauce, something is very wrong.

Been wanting to try this place for awhile, so we stopped by for Happy Hour and was SO disappointed, we left to hit up Cascal's down the street.

My mojito was incredibly bland and weak! The garlic noodles were BORING BORING BORING!! It was basically just spaghetti noodles stir-fried in dark soy sauce and served with some fried onions and parmesan. Definitely not enough garlic or anything exciting. Strait's garlic noodles are so much more superior than Xanh's noodles. And for $8 - it was a TOTAL rip-off!

We also ordered one of the rolls and the only good thing about the kobe roll was the dipping sauce. Kobe is supposed to melt in your mouth. Xanh's "Kobe" was chewy and flavor-less. The meat to noodles to lettuce ratio was also off.

The service was pretty much non-existent. We finished our appetizers and drinks and were going to order more. So we waited for our waitress. Five. Ten. Fifteen minutes later and still no waitress, so we gave up and went to Cascal's. Their cocktails, food, and service are 100x better.

Remind me to NEVER go to a pretentious, Americanized, *we have to add dry ice to our dishes to make them appear awesome* Vietnamese restaurant ever again.


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