Sunday, January 3, 2016

Atlantic Fish Company - Boston

3/5 stars

I was introduced to Atlantic Fish Company by my cousin who actually lived here. It was the first place my hubby ever had oysters so it's a fond memory kind of place.

I initially thought the lobster dinner was overpriced at $27, but after browsing a few fish market menus + prices, it's not that much higher for what you get in return: a white table cloth restaurant w/ excellent service that clearly caters to businessmen, but doesn't frown upon a Californian who just got off the plane in yoga pants.


* Matt, our server. He was kind and patient. My hubby was having a lot of trouble finding parking so I was sitting alone at the table for awhile. Matt never made me feel bad for sitting alone at a table in a clearly packed restaurant. He also didn't pressure me to order anything. When my hubby did arrive, Matt made my hubby's drink right away - knowing how stressful hubby must've been trying to wrangle a parking spot - and Matt also made sure to get every last drop out of the mini shaker :)

* We were 20ish minutes late to our reservation due to coming straight from the airport and even though they were packed and having to turn people away, they held my reservation for me!

* I asked for mashed potatoes instead of new potatoes w/ my lobster dinner and was delighted to be served an entire side dish of creamy mashed potatoes.

* This lobster had the sweetest claw meat I'd ever had. It was delicious and so conveniently dismantled for me so I didn't have to work too much for the delicious meat!

* The hot sourdough and salty whipped butter is sooo good!

* One of the best clam chowders I've had yet!

So why 3 stars instead of 4?

* The sea bass was good because sea bass is a very good fish, but unfortunately, I thought this dish fell flat. The lobster raviolis just didn't taste fresh and they were served lukewarm (unintentionally). I also believe they could've used more sauce.

* The house sangria was quite bland, w/ no fruit, and even though it was huge, there was no kick or depth.

* The overall menu is very expensive.

* Parking is difficult to find AND expensive.


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