Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cooking Papa Restaurant - Santa Clara

5/5 stars

Oh man. Easter dinner here was SO AWESOME! We ordered so much food, the servers had to be creative on how they stacked our dishes on the small, round table.

I have very many favorite Asian dishes, but I have to say that Peking Duck is way up there. Unfortunately, even though I live in what feels like Asia-ville, Peking Duck is sooo hard to find! Now I have to look no more! For as long as Cooking Papa shall live, I will have a place to go for my Peking Duck fix. It comes with hot, cushy steamed buns and sliced green onions. Combine the bun + onions with some greasy duck (no seasoning needed because duck fat is scrumptious enough) and a piece of crispy duck skin and - oh, smack those lips!

The rice noodle with crispy chinese donuts tucked inside was super unique and tasty and the pork belly *almost* too rich to handle. I'm excited to come back to try their Chinese BBQ rice dishes and get my rice noodle rolls and Peking Duck!


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