Sunday, January 3, 2016

La Pizzeria - Campbell

2/5 stars

I was hoping La Pizzeria would be a Pizza Delfina for us in the South Bay but unfortunately, it didn't even come close.

I ordered the margherita pizza with an egg. My crust was decent - thin, crispy with good chew. But, what ruined it was that the egg was overcooked. The point of adding an egg to a pizza is the yolk. Runny yolk does something magical to pizza, but this egg was basically a hard-boiled egg.

My hubby ordered the Pino's Favorite with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, artichoke, Italian ham, mushroom, bell pepper & egg. The problem with this pizza was how soggy it was. The crust couldn't handle all the wet ingredients. Oh, and my hubby got his pizza after mine. I was already half-way done.

The caesar salad was nothing to write home about. I wasn't a fan of the fishy dressing.

Service was also pretty non-existent. They were nice when they were around, but we had to flag our waitress down to get the bill. I don't think my soda was refilled once. Also, the gingerale shouldn't be offered as a soda. It was ... bitter and way too syrupy. It tasted like the soda machine had run out of syrup, but since it didn't come from the soda machine (it was made "fresh" by the waitress or bartender) ... yeah, you just shouldn't make it.


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