Monday, January 4, 2016

Napa Rose - Anaheim

5/5 stars

It's hard for me to a review a place like Napa Rose. It's just so darn special to me. The first time I ate there was when my guy proposed. To be honest, I remember our server, Wendy, SINGING TO US, but I can't remember what anything tasted like that night because of sheer gleefulness!! However, I certainly remembered every time after that :) We've been 5 more times since and it just keeps getting better.

The staff is outstanding: Chef Gloria, Chef Andhi (who has gifted me a lamb chop), David, Saucy, Kym, and Ryland. They're sunny, talented, and enchanting. Def Mickey Mouse material. Bonus: everyone there knows their wine.

My most recent meal there was just 5 days ago. We treated our parents to an early Christmas present. And gosh, did Chef Gloria deliver the treats! She made sure that I got things I've never had before. The standouts included:

* The amuse bouche! It was an extremely tasty sweet potato puree with creme fraiche, chives, and maple-glazed bacon. It was one of the best bites of the meal.

* A delicate sea bass with black garlic and baby scallops

* An intensely comforting pot of chicken n' dumplings that you just want to hug

* Being surprised with shaved white and black trufflestrufflestrufflestrufflestrufflestruffles :) It was an early Christmas gift from the Chef! I blushed like mad.

* The best hot chocolate in the world (no joke)

* My all-bubbles wine pairing :)

We had *so* much fun. Probably too much fun. Thank you for always making us feel so special, Napa Rose.


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