Monday, December 14, 2015

OCK (Orchard City Kitchen) - Campbell - UPDATED AGAIN

4/5 stars

Now a fan of very special bits.

The bartenders have found their groove and they're true artists. The Ultimate Warrior (rum agricole, hibiscus, cinnamon, and tiki delightfulness) is the BEST rum cocktail I have ever had. It's a complicated, yet magical little drink. Summertime in the LBC is another freakin' genius drink. Who knew that ipa + pisco, grapefruit shrub, and dimmi could be sooo good!

The most delicious things on the menu include:

THE CHEATER: aged white cheddar, peppered bacon, parm hollandaise, lettuce, grilled onion, swag, and melt-in-your-mouth scallion-black pepper fries. It's a messy, tasty burger. If only drool was sexy...

THE FRIED RICE: potato chips in fried rice, wah? This fried rice is smart.

THE KFC: Korean fried chicken. Sweet n' spicy!

Mmm... I can't wait to go back! Service is ah-mazing.

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