Monday, January 4, 2016

Omee.J Fusion Sushi Bar & Grill - Santa Clara

4/5 stars

Omee.J Fusion was excellent! First off, everyone was really nice. Second, the place is great for a date. Third, and the best part, their menu was super fun to read. It's huge and they had rolls with creative ingredients like potato chips and shredded coconut. Lots of fun sushi to choose from if you're into rolls.

We started with the Garlic Chicken Karaage and were surprised by how much chicken we got! Enough to feed 4 people! The portion size at Omee.J is extremely generous.

The chicken came with a tasty, spicy mayo and was fried perfectly. Not oily at all. Even though we filled up on the chicken, I also ordered the Crunch (crab meat and avocado inside, shrimp tempura and eel sauce outside) and the Shiitake Mushroom (shiitake mushroom and cucumber rolled in seaweed with sliced avocado and shiitake mushroom on top). The tempura was slightly sweet which was different, but in a pleasant way. And the Shiitake roll is a mushroom lover's dream roll. Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere!


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