Sunday, January 3, 2016

Rich Table - San Francisco

2/5 stars

Rich Table was lovely (decor, service), however, the food was overall boring and predictable. An unmemorable place for such a price point. SF does not lack places better than Rich Table.

- I'm not quite sure why the bread was not included. It was not $4-special.

- Nothing about my tajarin, porcini, and house cultured butter dish was special. The fresh pasta was good, but most fresh pastas are. I was certainly missing the wow-factor in everything I tried (beets w/ sunflower, roasted cauliflower).

- My sugar donuts seemed to be missing white chocolate and were a touch too limp (i.e. not crispy). Order the bittersweet chocolate pot de crème w/ bourbon cream and cherries instead. It was the yummiest thing I ate there.

- A nice place to get a cocktail or two, but I'd eat elsewhere.


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