Monday, January 4, 2016

Steins Beer Garden - Mountain View

3/5 stars

Steins isn't exactly what you'd find in Belgium, but it's not bad. The interior is a bit cold and industrial-feeling, but the beer list is long-ish.

I went with a large party recently and our server was super attentive. So brownie points for that. Also, the pretzel was hot and fresh and you can't really go wrong with the truffle, parmesan fries. Those things are addicting. The Mountain View Mule tasted like a mule and the fried chicken sandwich was HUGE. A tad too greasy, but hey, it's fried chicken. It was way better than the overcooked flank steak. I wish it didn't come pre-sliced. Meat loses its juiciness that way.

It's a loud place so I wouldn't come here if you want to hold a conversation with your dinner companion/s.


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