Monday, January 4, 2016

Willard Hicks - Campbell

3/5 stars

Hubby and I came here to celebrate the beginning of a glorious 3-day weekend. 3-day weekends are so rare, so they're all glorious. My want was simple: I wanted steak.

I ordered a Pimm's cup, fried green tomatoes, and a rib-eye.

What we got was a Pimm's cup, TWO orders of fried green tomatoes (one was on the house!), and a rib-eye.

The Pimm's cup (with Pimm's, ginger liquer, lemon juice, strawberries, cucumber, and prosecco) was a refreshing start, though a tad unmemorable. My sister-in-law's homemade Pimm's is better.

The fried green tomatoes are worth ordering again, but my rib-eye was missing a good sear. The candied bacon that came with the baked potato was yummy.

Overall, hubby and I enjoyed our meal! Willard is fancier than Outback, but can't quite cook a steak like Alexander's.


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