Friday, January 27, 2017

Pappas Burgers - Houston (Hobby airport)

4/5 stars

Bleeping pleasantly surprised.

We only sat down because my mother-in-law wanted to. I was going to have Wendy's. Boy was I happy when Pappas Burger kicked Wendy's burgers in the butt.

It was just a really, really, really solid burger! Like, a real cheeseburger. Like, something you would make at home! The bread was nice and squishy, the not-too-thick beef patty was cooked perfectly, and it was just an [American cheese] cheesy, drippy mess. American cheese is the only cheese that belongs on burgers, IMO. I slapped on some mayo and ketchup and ate the whole thing even though the burger was the size of a dinner plate.

Service was nice & efficient too!

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