Monday, November 17, 2008

Adventures at the Post Office!

Since this is my first novel, and my very first attempt at trying to acquire representation for said novel, every day is a day of firsts. It's very exciting - in a newborn-babies-do-something-new-everyday sort of way. There was the first query letter written (and the first 7 drafts). There was the first rejection letter. And I'm sure every author remembers their very first glimpse of hope - a partial request!

I haven't physically been to the post office in years! But there I was today, learning about new things such as priority mail and confirmation labels. It was so satisfying (in a nerve-wracking sort of way) to see my "package" all ready to go out to Ms. TW in the land where the literary agents live - New York!

Over the weekend, there were even more firsts:

-- writing a cover letter (it's like writing a professional business letter)
-- formatting the manuscript in the proper way (i.e. double-spacing, author's name/title of book top left and page number top right... has some good advice)
-- WRITING A SYNOPSIS! (I have been putting this one off because, in my opinion, they're so difficult to write. Thankfully, the urgency of submitting to the query contest pushed me to finish it in the wee hours of the morning.)
-- formatting a title page (again, has good advice)
-- hunting down the correct envelope size and address labels for my SASE (a harder task than you'd think because nowadays, a lot of mailing is done online...)

I have to admit, I said a little prayer when the package went away. Now, all I can do is busy myself with sending out even more queries. I have 7 agents I'd like to query - am just waiting to hear back from the query contest. Whatever notes Jodi Meadows makes, I'll use before I send my next batch out.

It's exciting times, it is! Oh! And TWILIGHT the movie this Friday! Squee!


Jodi Meadows said...

Hi Christine,

Congratulations on finishing your first novel and sending your first queries! (You're right: firsts are sooo exciting.) Do send out more queries! Send lots! And write your next book while you're waiting to hear back.

Not to toot my own blog, but I thought maybe you'd find these posts useful. Queries:

You have a great start on your query letter already (waaaay better than my first attempt, but let us not speak of such horrors again), and I think you're going to do great.

Good luck!

Christine said...

Hi Jodi!

What a delightful surprise to find you here. Thank you for your kind words. I've actually started following your blog a couple days ago - it's in my Google Reader (fantastically fun, customizable product). I look forward to reading about your ferret and writing adventures!

Again, I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you though, for taking time out of your day to write me a personal email. I shall heed your words!

Are you still writing? You published a non-fiction, correct? Any others?


Jodi Meadows said...

(word verification code: earlit. Heh!)

I am still writing. I meant to make an update on that yesterday, but...stuff happened. I'm not published yet, fiction or nonfiction. I'm working at it, though. :)

Christine said...

blogger's word verification codes aren't half bad... at least they look like actual words. I despise the ones where the letters seem morphed together to create some new elvish language...

it's cool to hear that we're in the same boat together... the not-published-but-working-hard-at-it boat. what a fantastic job, though - literary agent assistant! I mean, that's where I learn all my stuff - on blogs. You're actually in the business! cookies for you.

hope you're feeling better.