Monday, November 10, 2008

First Two Queries Out...

and first two rejections in. Yikes! A part of me is wondering if my query letter is weaksauce. I think I'm going to stick to my plan of querying at least 10 agents with the same query before revising.

On the bright side, NB and SB replied to my email right away so I didn't have to spend copious amounts of time worrying and wondering.

So what does rejection feel like? Kind of numbing... it really makes me wonder if I got a story to tell. But... it also feels like... falling down - where it hurts, but you're not just gonna stay on the ground. You pick yourself up and query the next agent. I'm prepared to stick with it for a year! Of course, a girl can't hopewishdream that it's sooner!

On the bright side, I fell in love with this article today and it prompted me to jot down some ideas for a new book geared to middle-grade boys. I want to write a book with a video game storyline (think Final Fantasy), with a regular, young guy who gets to be badass. There will be young girls in the book and they'll be badass, too.

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