Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Epiphany Before Bedtime

Sometimes I just get these *spurts* where all I think about is writing and all I want to do is write. I rushed through bath time and dinner time and have been sitting in the same position for about 2 and a half hours. I've written about 1,800 words.

I've mentioned before, I don't really write detailed outlines. But tonight, for some reason, I just had to. Writing an outline for the entire series will help me make sure that it's the best it can be [at the moment] for Mr. Barbara. I'm - ONCE AGAIN - going through THE UNICORN TAMER with a big, fat, red pen. Didn't I just do this before I submitted my full to Nadia Cornier? Why yes, that's correct. But Christine, weren't you supposed to do that before you started querying?

Why yes, that's correct BUT ... there's a but. I had an epiphany!

I don't think a writer can ever say, "OK, I'm done fiddling with this forever!" The only way I'm ever going to stop making it better and better is if somebody takes it from my hands, publishes it, and puts it on shelves. Only then will the story be safe from my big, fat, red pen because, well ... there will be too many copies to hand-fix. And bookstores don't like it when you write in their books. I should know. Did I ever tell you I worked at Barnes and Noble for 4 years in college?

Anywho - good night!


Ellegant said...

I very much agree. I think in every writer there is naturally an editor, which means there is always room for improvement. How awesome to have the spurt of writing energy :).

Melann said...

Good for you! You're right - just get it as done as it can be, and send it out. Obviously, your story was good enough for someone!!!!

Christine said...

Hi Ellegant! I love it when new people come around and comment! I was just reading this article today that said:

"Confident writers work to get the words right. Delusional writers think they got the words right the first time."

The hard part is determining when your work is GREAT enough to start submitting to agents. You don't want to query an agent RIGHT after you've typed the words, "The End," but you also don't want to wait until the manuscript is as perfect as it'll ever be. I don't think that's really possible! It's such an interesting process.

Christine said...

Melann - thanks! I'm just taking it one step at a time. Good enough for a partial request, good enough for a full request, good enough for an editor somewhere out there ...

I hope you have a nice weekend!