Thursday, March 12, 2009

Waiting On A Full

The road to publishing is difficult and depressing. Shiny, happy BUT, it's also exciting! First kiss exciting!

I'm currently on my *first* full request and if you think waiting for a query or partial reply is agonizing, just wait till you're in the spot I'm in right now. Waiting for a reply on a full is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY different than waiting for a reply on a query or a partial. I'm no longer refreshing my Gmail every two minutes. I kind of don't want to ever open my Gmail again. The reason: because if the agent loved my full, I'd be getting a phone call, NOT an email.

Now you can see why Gmail and I currently aren't speaking.


Kelly Gay said...

LOL. I was the same way with the email avoidance.

Fingers crossed!

Christine said...

Hi Kelly! Thank you for the crossed fingers!

Do you Twitter, btw?

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Oh, no, no, no - you won't necessarily get a phone call.

What happened to me was this: Tracey started emailing me in the early summer last year asking about one of my manuscripts that an editor had and what was happening with it and then I had a second editor with ANOTHER manuscript that was really interested so I was updating Tracey about that submission and we had this occasional email exchange going while she was reading two fulls "to see if we were a match" because the manuscripts were so different. Turns out she was checking me out to see how I'd be to work with. Then the end of August after about 3 months of this she emailed to set up a phone interview after her vacation about 10 days later. That was a loooong 10 days to wait. Then we talked on the phone for almost two hours and she said she wanted to take me on!

So all the initial communication and phone date was done by email.

Moral of the story: check your email! ;-D

Christine said...

Kimberley, you made me feel tons better! Thank you! I love hearing about your success stories! There's no better encouragement.