Thursday, February 18, 2010


One of my worst fears as a writer is being predictable. I don't want a reader to guess, smirk and/or roll their eyes, and say 5 minutes later:

"I knew you were going to do that."

"You're boring."

"Mighty un-clever!"

Where does unpredictability come from? Usually from my secondary characters. They whisper things in my ear like: "You know that scene 150 pages back? I could pop in, pull on her pig-tails a little - see what happens. Whatdoyasay?" (insert hearty wink here)

Seriously though, what do you say? Well, I said it honestly sounds kinda fun. Let's stir things up a bit - let's suddenly appear out of nowhere and show 2% of kindness when 98% of the time we're schemy and evil. Let's die. Let's not die and wear fuschia to someone else's funeral.

After I thought this was a cool idea, I realized how difficult it was and decided to write this blog post. I definitely don't want to shy away from making my story better just because it'll be hard and I wanted to come on here and tell you just that. Because I just learned that letting that character go cause a ruckus meant I had over a dozen other scenes to change. So, I've had to be really careful with continuity issues AND with being unpredictable, yet believable.

I definitely don't want a reader to go:

Huh. That doesn't make sense.

Huh. That was out of character.


So ... there's a fine line and I'm trying to see it. (peers) Can you see it?

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