Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kung Fu Tacos - San Francisco

3.5/5 stars

It was close to closing time at the San Francisco Beer Week Opening Celebration and hubby and I were in dire need of "post-drinking" food. I had high hopes for a pork belly burger, but since they were out, we found ourselves in Kung Fu Tacos' line.

We got the LAST two Asian-style carne asada burritos in the building. Woo! And even though we're die-hard Mexican fans, these Asian ones were really tasty. I enjoyed the flavor of the meat (hoisin?) and was a fan of the salsa. It melded well with the steak. The black beans were creamy and it all just came together. It was probably the best Asian-inspired burrito I've had yet.

At $9, it was expensive (burritos are usually in the $6-$7 range), but it make sense they bumped up the price for something like Beer Week.


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