Saturday, February 16, 2013

Village Falafel - Cupertino

3/5 stars

So happy to see a restaurant do well in this building! Ever since Cicero's Pizza left, it was like watching a revolving door of restaurants. Glad to see one stick.

I think it's because the owner cares. I'm pretty sure all he does all day is stand at that door to greet you. Only downside is he also smokes by the door. It's smelly.

The service is great. I was there for a to-go order, but they still sat me and served me awesome FREE hummus with homemade lavish bread chips. The hummus was probably some of the best I've ever had. So fresh and seasoned perfectly.

I ordered the baba ganoush and the kebeb plate (chicken and keftah, which is basically ground beef). Both were juicy/ tender, with the keftah being my favorite. It was served with more of the awesome hummus, a small salad, pita bread, and rice (nothing special, but good when mixed with the juices from the meat). The baba ganoush was fantastic! I could've just eaten that and the hummus and called it a happyy day.

Looking forward to dining in.


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