Thursday, August 13, 2015

BriarPatch Co-op - Grass Valley

5/5 stars

The 5 stars isn't for the hippies, no. Or for the yuppies.

It's not for the $9 portobello mushroom or for the "Yes, that's nice, it's organic, but it's also $3.99... for an avocado." It's not for the twenty-something-a-pound meat or the seven-something-n-another for a small, plastic container of pesto.

The five exuberant stars is for the BEST GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH I've ever had in my life. 

Fresh sourdough bread, sharp, sharp cheddar, spicy pepper jack all melted into ooey-gooey-goodness. Throw in perfectly grilled, slightly sour green apples and sugary caramelized onions and you have got yourself a work of art.

Save your money, don't shop here. However, treat yourself to what Heaven probably tastes like and order the Gourmet Grilled Cheese at the deli.



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