Thursday, August 13, 2015

Candybar - San Francisco

don't tell the bf, but the Candybar is my new lover. clean lines, candle-lit skin, wine-soaked lips, and he knows how to use his chocolate.

$14 four-course tasting menu will make you swoon like a good kiss. I've never ever had cheesecake the way I had it here. it was deconstructive, as in, not in cake-like form. it was made with toffee and olives and the flavors filled every centimeter of my mouth. it was artistic, it was out of this world, and it was yummy. with an exotic wine menu, cozy couches, and attentive service, I would visit my lover nightly if I lived in the city.

owner is smart, polite, handsome, and oh-so-sweet. pastry chef(s) made me think french laundry thoughts. and whoever splashed the art on those walls is bold, confident, and romantic. this place, my friends is perfect. try it before others discovery the lover in the Candybar.


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