Thursday, August 13, 2015

Centro Cocina Mexicana - Sacramento

3/5 stars

On our way back to Grass Valley Part 1.

First time I've ever really hung out in downtown Sacramento. This place reminded me of Vive Sol in the Bay Area. Same decorations even. Crowd was quite the hip. We were underdressed, but oh well. They didn't treat us like we were underdressed. Yay for them. Yay for California where flip flops are almost okay everywhere.

+ tasty refried black beans which, btw, are hard to find, most places just fry normal colored beans
+ free shot of their fruit infused tequila (tasted like a sangria!)
+ friendly service and cool bartender who gave me said free shot

- un-exciting menu
- small menu
- prices kinda high
- since I only remember the creamy refried black beans, I would say unmemorable food... I do remember it being small portions, but good


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