Thursday, August 13, 2015

Foster's Freeze - Milpitas

5/5 stars

I think it's HILARIOUS that a (friendly) Vietnamese family owns and runs an awesome Foster Freeze. I love America for this reason.

The bf was giddy like a school boy when we spotted this beloved chain. We didn't know it existed in the Bay Area. Such an old school favorite. What's not to like?

+ the super dirt cheap prices on everything
+ the DELICIOUSLY dipped chocolate cone... omg classic!

It's like fair food available all year long (without the outrageous fair food prices).

I want to come back when we want "fast food"... skip Wendy's... the prices and burgers and variety and what appears to be freshness looks better at Foster's.

Run-down sort of look, but I think it adds to its charm.


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